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CampaignDesigner is your to go tool for campaign automation, personalization and creating dynamic creatives that are fit for channel. CampaignDesigner consists of building blocks, so choose the one(s) you need and add features as you go.

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A custom-built workflow

Getting a campaign from idea to live requires many stakeholders with different roles and tasks. We built a workflow that actually matches your organization and campaign processes, including authorization levels and alert management.


Single point of information

CampaignDesigner serves as a single point of information. Instead of sending Excels and documents around, CampaignDesigner will serve as your central platform, including (re)view options.

One single interface for all channels

From one single interface you can create, design, schedule and publish all your advertising materials: your social ads, display banners, landing pages and emails, even DOOH and dynamic video!

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Manage languages

The world is your playground, CampaignDesigner exports translation files that can be automatically exchanged with translations companies.


Dynamic creatives

CampaignDesigner uses template based creatives with customizable dynamic fields so that all your creatives can be dynamic.

Display ads

Campaign Designer allows you to create dynamic display ads. You can create advanced display ads based on pre-defined templates for your brand.

Dynamic video ads

Besides images, copy and display ads, we can also create videos. Our render system creates videos with dynamic fields, images and content, in various output formats.

Social ads

CampaignDesigner allows you to design and publish ads for social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


We support not only digital media, but also printed media. This allows you to launch a full 360 campaign on all channels.


Data Feed Integration

With CampaignDesigner we integrate your existing data feeds. Imagine linking your pricing feed, product feed and image library in an easy to use flow. Or maybe we can improve your results with external feeds?


Running campaigns on a large scale

Central in CampaignDesigner is that you can manage campaigns on a large scale with a smaller team. We minimize the manual effort and automate most parts, so you can focus on optimization and creativity.