Power to the marketer.

We want you, the marketer to be back in control, and simply focus on creating awesome campaigns, the thing you love. We will enable you to be in control of your message, its creative, its targeting and unlock the full potential of your campaigns.

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To get your message across you need a wide variety of systems and platforms. CampaignDesigner has all these tools combined and tailored to your organisation with an intuitive design. Creating campaigns becomes simple and fun again.


We all believe that online communications should be relevant and personal. So why not use the rich amount of online data to target and produce better creatives and campaigns? Our tooling allows you to personalize on a large scale, without consuming extra time in the process of creation.

Lightning speed.

If the timing is off, your message is off. Campaign Designer is created in such a way that you can see your campaign idea come to life in a day.


Our interface makes it easy to set up new and renew campaigns, so marketing becomes super scalable.

Cost reduction.

We allow you to set up your campaigns in a short time-span with minimum efforts. This strongly reduced agency and internal costs.

It's not just a tool

Our team has years of experience in the field, running thousands of global online campaigns and structuring the online marketing organisation. We are here to help at any step.